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small home farm feed granulator machine

The pellet feed machine, which is made by using a special process, is the only type of small machine that can dry out and dry out in the same type of flat grinding machine. The powdered feed is formed by extrusion once. During the granulation process, no water is added, no drying is required, and the natural temperature rise is up to about 70° C., the internal curing is deep, the surface is smooth, the hardness is high, and the particle size is adjustable. In the processing of pellet feed can add a variety of additive drugs, minimal nutrient loss, but also kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and to ensure feed quality. It is raising rabbits, fish, pigs, chickens

, sheep, cattle and other specialized breeding households and small and medium-sized feed processing plant ideal equipment. It is currently the most reliable product for livestock, poultry, rabbits, fish farms and feed processing plants.

150 feed pellet mini home

The benefits of feeding granular feed

1, in favor of the rabbit's gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. Good palatability The pellet feed gelatinizes the starch in the mixed powder during the pressing process, so that the pressed pellet feed has a certain fragrance, which increases the palatability of the pellet feed and stimulates the appetite of the rabbit. The rabbit loves it very much. Eating, according to the determination, feeding pelleted rabbits can increase feed intake by 10%-15%.

2, with a certain hardness pellet feed is not as soft as the wet mix powder, hardness is greatly increased, it is suitable for rabbits love to bite hard habits of molars, do not have to prepare for rabbits wood or branches for rabbits bite Molar teeth.
3, can effectively prevent rabbits caused by picky eaters caused by the imbalance in the intake of nutrients in the daily feeding rabbits, rabbit owners often for the rabbit to eat when the material in the mixed powder to select the feed, and the pellet feed to make all kinds of Feed ingredients are fully mixed and pressed, and rabbits have no way to picky.
4, to improve the digestibility of feed for rabbits to eat pellet feed chewing for a long time, can promote the secretion of more amylase in the mouth, so that the rabbit feed to the mouth fully mixed with saliva, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, greatly increased the feed The digestibility of nutrients. In addition, the pellet feed during the pressing process, after a combination of short-term high temperature and high pressure, not only makes the starch paste in the feed, protein organization, but also to enhance the enzyme activity, so that some of the beans and grain fields contained in the feed Obstructing the digestion of nutrients (such as anti-trypsin factors) inactivation, these all increase the digestibility of feed.
5. Sterilization, reduction of disease During the suppression of pellet feed, after a high temperature of 70°C to 100°C for a short period of time, some parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms can be killed and the disease of rabbits can be significantly reduced. Practice has shown that diarrheal diseases, stomatitis, and pica are significantly reduced in rabbits fed granular pellets.

6. Reducing feed wastage Feeding pelleted feed reduced the feed wastage caused by picky eaters or feed pickers when rabbits eat wet mix powder. It has been determined that feeding pelleted feed can save 15% of feed.


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